For the second time I’ve ended my editorship of Prometheus, the newsletter of the Libertarian Futurist Society.

I became the fifth editor in the newsletter’s long history back in 1994. For five years I produced quarterly print newsletters, with reviews, interviews, articles, and more on fiction, film, and other cultural aspects dealing with  liberty. I took a break, overwhelmed with other organization stuff, since resolved by a more active LFS board of directors.

In 2005 I once again volunteered to edit the newsletter, and for the next 11 years produced an additional array of print copies. During that entire time I lobbied for a greater internet presence for the LFS and the newsletter. The age of the blog rose and fell (to a certain degree). Social media today rules, with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the micro-commentariat post snippets of dialog. I’m probably guilty of the same, tweeting tiny snippets and links far more often than writing anything here. Well, I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to write crime novels. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

In 2016 I resigned once again as the Prometheus editor. Newsletters kept falling further and further behind schedule. I ended up having to write more and more content, save one or two other consistent contributors. My focus shifted away from science fiction toward crime fiction. If I don’t read SF, I can’t review SF, can’t keep my finger on the pulse of SF. I felt like Sisyphus, pushing a heavy rock up a hill, and with each published issue rushing down hill once more to press my shoulder to the rock.

I’m happy to say that the LFS finally has its own blog, as of May 2017. I’m writing a series of reviews on the collected stories of Pool Anderson, one on Jack Vance that appeared in the newsletter, and possibly a revision of my 50 works libertarian sf fans should read.

The audience for the LFS blog eventually will exceed the newsletter. There are pros and cons in that regard, as non-libertarians will feast on what they dislike, but so be it. Comes with the territory, I suppose.