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Month: January 2013

New Daughter single – Still

I think Daughter’s just become one of my favorite bands. The latest single, released this week, is called Still. Their first album drops within days. I’ve listed to all the EPs – Smother, The Wild Youth, and His Young Heart multiple times.

Computer tablet made out of paper

This technology definitely is lifted from the pages of science fiction, no pun intended.

Users will be able flick through a document by bending the screen, or by joining screens together for a larger display. Each PaperTab will also be aware of other PaperTabs nearby, helping users keep track. Email can be sent by placing the device in an out tray or by bending the top corner of the display. The PaperTab can also store thousands of documents – obviating, its developers say, the need for stacks of paper or a traditional computer monitor.

Imagine pinning up several paper monitors on you office wall, connecting them together, and having one large monitor.

Voice to replace touch?

The current trend of all phone and computer interface toward touch screens may end up being replaced by voice and gesture recognition. I’m not sure how many people will talk to their phone in a crowded subway or to their computer in a cubicle farm, but computers will become more part of human life, that’s a given.

Science and politics

Despite so-called stated intentions, politics finds a way to insert itself into science.

Insult politicians, go to jail

Putin’s Russia, Egypt’s Morsi, the list is endless. Not even America was immune to this, but at least it’s been more than 200 years since the Alien and Sedition Acts for the USA. Not so elsewhere in the world, as the case of an Egyptian TV host, Bassem Youssef, who dares challenge the self-proclaimed voices of authority. Many people believe their view is the only right one, but when those who ardently believe in this gain power, everyone else suffers, as they will wield the sword mercilessly.

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