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Month: March 2010

Surrealist fiction

I just finished re-reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, two stories I vaguely remember having read many decades ago. Since then my perceptions of the two stories have been clouded by movies, popular culture, and dim memory. I both stories very surreal, almost bizarre, with characters spouting nonsense and misdirection. Yet digging deeper there are some very interesting metaphysical notions, as well other critical insight into the workings of morals and language. I have not seen the new Tim Burton movie yet, but as for the stories, I think they are ones that are strange and curious, though I am not tempted to return there.

Tracey Thorn in the clouds

I first hear Tracey Thorn’s voice in early 1984, when I picked up Everything but the Girl’s debut record, Eden, which I still have. I bought pretty much everything I could find by Thorn and EbtG, until the late ’90s when they turned to dance music I failed to follow. Then just a few days ago I heard a song of hers on Pandora that I did not recognize. I turned to Wikipedia, or course, and discovered she had recorded a new record in 2007, and in May 2010 is coming out with another. Supposedly the link below will embed a Soundcloud audio player to hear the song, which is just superb. Check out her music at Her new single is sparse, her voice nonpareil, and the music just as good as it gets.

Tracey Thorn / ‘Oh, The Divorces!’ by buzzinfly

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