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Month: November 2009

Another worthy cause

Just found out about another Kickstarter project to fund a South American tour for Asobi Sesku, another band that I discovered this year through Pandora – Their latest album (Hush) is so far their best, in my opinion.

New way to fund music

Stripmall Architecture, a new project from former members of Halou, launched a funding effort online to pay for the CD release of their new EP. I like their music, and find this method a far more personal way to participate in releasing good music than throwing $20 to Sony or EMI for the latest pop sounds or Beatles re-flog. You can check progress and listen to samples over at

New Bruce Boston collection

Regarding the post below about the interview with Boston, it is apropos to mention his latest collection – Masque of Dreams. More information over at and this time the url is the link. Contains novelettes, short stories, and poems. Since I printed two of Boston’s poems in the Summer 2009 issue of Prometheus, I believe I must acquire this book.

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Bruce Boston interview

Poet, author, and Prometheus Award nominee Bruce Boston is interviewed over at PaperBackSwap. Since the CSS for my current design doesn’t show links unless you hover over them, the url (in the “Boston Boston is interviewed” text, is –

Current state of Prometheus

As the editor of Prometheus, the newsletter of the Libertarian Futurist Society, my goal is to publish this newsletter relative on time, four times a year. Lately I have slipped a little in this schedule, with each issue running 2-3 months late. Thus, the most recent issue — Summer 2009 — appeared in early October. I’m very close to wrapping up the next issue, however, which covers the Prometheus Awards presentation at Anticipation, the 2009 WorldCon held in Montreal. As always, if there’s anyone reading this who would like to submit reviews to Prometheus, just send a note to for more information.

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