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Month: August 2009

CSS work ahead

I can see from a few quick posts that links are far from obvious with my current site design. This means I’ll need to delve into the CSS and see where I can make some changes. At least I’ve replaced the default links in the “blogroll” ( a term I despise) with some of the links from my old site. I’m still going through an updating this list, testing the links and such, but the place is slowly coming together. I tried to post a draft entry from my iPhone, but it has not shown up. Maybe once I press publish it will appear. Like that ability, though, if I can get it to work.

Defending libertarian sf

It is too bad that someone even has to write what Wendy McElroy recently wrote at her site, but somehow I’m not surprised.

New locale

This is the first post written in WordPress, just to plant a flag in the ground, despite the wonderfully phrased statements from Terry Pratchett’s novel Nation about flag-planting. All the other posts below are historical vestiges from Blogger, which I am setting aside for now. I am switching focus a little from just liberty and culture to a wider perspective, though in a sense also narrower, since this really consists of my thoughts and opinions.

I have not messed with WordPress since many versions ago, so changes are the only certainty around here.

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