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Month: December 2008

Kopubco discounts

Victor Koman, author and proprietor of Kopubco, is running a 20% of sale. Aside from the fantastic savings, check out the fantastic offerings, from Prometheus Award winning novels, to New Libertarian issues, to Star Wars fandom and beyond.

Blogger now allows exports

Finally, I am able to output the content of the past couple of years in one export file. Alas, the format is XML, so now I have to puzzle through the file tree and see how to bring the export into a database for local storage.

Political poem

A very evocative and timely poem from Bruce Boston, over at Strange Horizons.

Fall 2008 Prometheus issue completed

No other issue exceeded deadlines as much as this one. Two months late, but finally ready, and in the mail next week. Includes coverage of the 2008 Prometheus Awards in Denver, and reviews of books by Cory Doctorow, S. M. Stirling, Lois McMaster Bujold, Joe Martino, George Zebrowski, and Brian Francis Slattery. Looks like the next issue also will be late at this point, but not nearly as late as this one.

John Shirley novel

From Gauntlet Press, this announcement:

Coming in 2009: New John Shirley Novel
We are pleased to announce we’ll be publishing a new John Shirley
novel in the fall of 2009, Welcome to Freedom. Here is the author’s
“After a disaster wrecks a long section of the California northern coast, the town of FREEDOM, which has attempted to live without federal interference as much as possible, finds it has a little too much chance to go it alone. Vicious human predators take advantage of the situation, waves of brutality roll through the area, and a young man new to town has a coming of age confrontation with what it takes to survive at any cost… The town wants to maximize its freedom from outside help, influence and control. See what happens when you have real freedom day after day, and no rules? Is it heaven–or hell?”

The book is scheduled for a January 2009 release.

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