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Month: May 2008

History Now

Eighty-five issues.

Twenty-six years – December 1982 through April 2008 and counting…

4 Megabytes.

A couple of weeks ago I placed my trusty scanner back into its drawer, after completing phase one of a project that has taken countless hours over the past two months, namely scanning in as text every single copy of the past issues of Prometheus, the newsletter of the Libertarian Futurist Society.

In the end, probably no one cares but myself. Still, since finishing the work of scanning every issue, I have slowly been cleaning up the OCR text, and taking many a walk down memory lane. In other words, little time for web surfing or blogging.

I have no idea when I’ll finish this project, but one day I’ll end up with a fully searchable repository of all the past issue of Prometheus, at least via spotlight on my Mac.

Old Heinlein = New Heinlein

The latest unearthing of Heinlein material heads to the printer over at Subterranean Press. I’m not being cynical, really, as this looks like an interesting collection.

Subterranean Press does a great job producing quality books at decent prices, and I’m delighted to see that one of the authors they are carrying is Jack Vance. Now, if only they had printed the new Michael Shea collection, and made the price less staggering than the one produced by Millipede Press…

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