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Month: July 2007

Libertarian sf at LRC

An all too brief overview of recent movies and books in the sf genre that contain elements of liberty. No mention of Babylon 5, however.

The libertarian divide

Randy Barnett’s recent Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal appears as a modern pro-war libertarian manifesto. Quite a few libertarian commentators have responded to the effect that a pro-war libertarian is a contradiction in terms. Barnett’s original thesis, that Ron Paul’s anti-war stance vis a vis Iraq is not the only view in the libertarian movement, is probably true. I certainly don’t agree with Barnett’s theories on libertraianism and war. Also, not every libertarian supports Paul, but that doesn’t meant they don’t agree with his views on the war. Ron Paul has some libertarian qualities, but quite a few other bizarre and statist views (immigration, for example). This doesn’t stop the minarchists from beating loudly on the Ron Paul drum. Lew Rockwell’s web site and blog usually contain several Paul stories a day. And while Justin Raimondo makes some good points in this essay, I strong disagree with his concluding words, that “Ron Paul is the authentic voice of the libertarian movement.” Paul, running as a Republican, is the authentic voice of the libertarian movement? Give me a break. Sure, Paul probably will be the last nail in the coffin of the Libertarian Party (a good thing, really), but by the end of 2007 he will be a non-candidate, and the libertarians hooked on politics will need to find a new fix.

Latest edition of Prometheus nears completion

Little posting of last due to work on the current issue, plus being knocked out of commission for over a week due to a bad cold. Right now I’m making final edits to a couple of stories. I’m starting to look ahead to the next issue, which is a temptation I need to resist until this one is in the mail.

I’ve stubbornly stuck to a 12-page format the past year, but find that I’m writing 60-80% of the more recent issues. So, after cutting the page count down from 16 to 12 for the same reason last year, I may now need to drop the issue down to 8 pages, until I can get more contributions. I might as well look into moving everything online otherwise. That’s where all the action is these days anyway, and people writing about liberty and science fiction can get their bylines out faster via the internet, along with the options of commentary, linking, and a massive audience. Why should an organization with the word “futurist” in its name stick to a print newsletter? Anyway, the current issue currently contains these items:

Matthew Gaylor, RIP
Book Reviews:
The Guardener’s Tale, by Bruce Boston
The Mount, by Carol Emshwiller
Giant Lizards from Another Star, by Ken MacLeod
Brasyl, by Ian McDonald,
Glorifying Terrorism, edited by Farah Mendelsohn
Mappa Mundi, by Justina Robson
Empire, by Orson Scott Card
The Jack Vance Treasury, by Jack Vance
Off Armageddon Reef, by David Weber
Movie Reviews:
Sophie Schöll: The Final Days
Army of Shadows
Letters, plus news of the LFS Community on Live Journal

Zimbabwe: Death of a Nation

If this wasn’t so sad, it would be almost funny, a perfect exercise in planned chaos. By waving the legislative pen to slash prices, the Mugabe government shows yet again reckless disregard for human life. Stop the government money press, boot out that thug in power, and bring about some genuine reforms. Otherwise this country will vanish into a whirlwind of destruction.

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