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Month: March 2007

Glorifying Terrorism

Today I received a review copy of this British sf anthology, with stories from such writers as Ken Macleod, Charles Stross, Ian Watson, Adam Roberts, and many more. Unfortunately, due to deadlines, I won’t be able to run the review in Prometheus until the summer issue of that newsletter, but with the spring issue nearing completion, there just isn’t enough space and time to get it into this issue. Looks very interesting through, and sure to cause controversy.

Smith’s Forge of the Elders

L. Neil Smith has a long essay about the travails his novel Forge of the Elders went through in order to get published in full. Ther book is still in print, and can be ordered through online retailers or your local bookstore, and Smith hints at free goodies ahead when the current stock sells out. And if you haven’t check out his work in progress at Big Head Press, I highly recommend the time and effort.

Blogging light – Prometheus heavy

This month is crunch time for getting out the next issue of the print newsletter of the LFS – Prometheus. I’ve been busy reading several long novels and trying to wrie reviews, and I’m happy to say I have several contributions from other individuals already. If you are interested in submitting material for this libertarian sf newsletter, please contact me – Blogging for the next three weeks probably will be very light while I wrap up the issue. Tentative (link free)table of contents includes the following:

* Prometheus Award Finalists – a listing of the finalists for the
2007 Prometheus Awards for best novel and classic work of fiction.

In Memoriam
Jesse Walker on Robert Anton Wilson (reprinted from Reason Online)
Brad Linaweaver on Chuck Hammill (possible)

Book reviews
Spider Robinson & Robert A. Heinlein, Variable Star
Elizabeth Moon, Command Decision
John Varley, Red Lightning
Charles Stross, Glasshouse
Orson Scott Card, Empire
Sherri Tepper, Six Moon Dance
Carol Emshwiller, The Mount
Ken MacLeod, Giant Lizards from Another Star
Jack Vance, The Jack Vance Treasury
Jack Vance, Emphyrio
Justina Robson, Mappa Mundi
Mike Resnick, Starship: Pirate
Adam Roberts, Gradisil
T.H. White, The Book of Merlyn

Film reviews
Sophie Scholl (possible)
F.Paul Wilson’s Others (possible)

Brief essay on Clark Ashton Smith’s individualism

Roswell, Texas

Whoa! The Lamviin land in Texas.

Liberation kid lit

I kept looking for this article from the front page of reason Magazine for many months, but to no avail. I knew I should have tried Google instead. The essay originally appeared in the print edition a little over a year ago, and covers two writers who have written interesting books dealing with liberty, aimed at a younger audience. Lois Lowry and Margaret Peterson Haddix have written two distinct series of books that mainstream readers might not have seen. Young Adult literature is all the rage these days. After the reign of Harry Potter comes to an end this summer, other writers will try to step in and fill the void. In the meantime, here are some great books already in place, waiting to be read.

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