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Month: June 2005

Looney Catos or Clueless Wizards?

Cheryl Morgan from Emerald City on the Cato Institute:

I am, of course, familiar with the Cato Institute from my “real” job as an energy economist. They are the loony extremist wing of the free market movement and generally argue that no market should have any regulation, ever. It was interesting to actually meet a bunch of Cato Institute supporters. As I suspected, they tended to be very rich, deeply conservative, and strongly interested in protecting what they see to be important American freedoms, such as the freedom to take what you want, the freedom to exploit and opress others, and the freedom to kill anyone who gets in your way.

Yes, indeed. That’s freedom, folks. I shake my head in wonder and amazement.

26 Years to Tell a Story

Via Reason’s Hit and Run pages, and interesting article about Dave Sim and his 6,000 page comic book epic, Cerebus. I think it might be daunting undertaking to read 6,000 words of a comic book, let alone imagine the monomanic effort that went into writing this work.

More insults kick V for Vendetta movie

From Ain’t it Cool News, a script review of V for Vendetta, and it’s not a pretty result. Instead of the book, we probably will end up with “inspired by the title of the comic book” in the credits. All the excitement I felt upon hearing the original news about this movie has evaporated into this air. Not even Natalie Portman’s presence can save this movie. A quote:

There is nothing sinister about the government. It isn’t subtle and manipulative at all like the graphic novel presented it to be. It is Evil with a capital E, black bags over the head and everything. Pothrero is not the Voice of England, but a screaming voice, devoid of nuance and subtlety, a damning indication of elementary screenwriting by two hacks.

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