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Month: April 2005

Libertarian SF

Short stories online by Paul Tietjens over at Doctrinity. Via Sunni Maravillosa.

John C. Wright Interview

Fantasybookspot has an interview with John C. Wright. Not sure of the date, although the preface mentions The Last Guardian of Everness, which the mention was nominated for the Prometheus Award “last month.”

The Complete Robert A. Heinlein

Meisha Merlin goes all out for Heinlein, aiming to publish
The Definitive Collection of Robert A. Heinlein
. The project consists of forty-six titles spanning Heinlein’s entire career. I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent Vance Integral Edition, which published the definite Jack Vance? Via Reason Hit & Run via Boing Boing

Ishiguro Writes SF

A fascinating review from the New York Times of the new novel, Never Let Me Go, by noted Japanese writer Kazuo Ishiguro. Review forthcoming in the Summer issue of Prometheus, as the Spring issue was mailed to subscribers on April 5th.

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