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Month: October 2004

Science Fiction Book Reviews

L.E. Modesitt libertarian novel? An sf thriller with interesting perspective on privacy, comments by the reviewer over at

Sometime in the 2100s came the Collapse, when America’s ‘Commonocracy’ failed in chaos. Out of those ashes arose a new patchwork nation along what appear to me to be essentially libertarian lines: little government, free rein to businesses known as ‘multis,’ privacy laws that limit media snooping and a requirement that each individual citizen maintain his own security.

Discovering Firefly

Although I had heard of Firefly, it flared all too briefly on television for me to catch an episode. Thousands of more observant eyes did catch some shows, were impressed, rave and wrote reviews. One such review is Claire Wolfe’s column on the show, which lasted a scant 14 episodes on Fox. Given the glut of reality TV, inane comedies, and multiple variations of lawyer,cop, and doctor shows, I am disappointed that I never saw Firefly. Still, there’s always the DVD…

Serenity Now

I have to admit I’ve never watched a single episode of Firefly, nor was I ever a fan of Buffy or it’s spin-off TV child, Angel. But Joss Whedon’s words about his forthcoming movie, Serenity seems compelling:

come April 22nd I think we’ll be bringing you an exciting film that’s a powerful statement about the right to be free. Which is not as cool as my original statement about the right to tasty garlic mussels in a cilantro broth, but the freedom thing’s okay too.

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